ElevatHer is a networking
empowering women
in professional services

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The app is designed to be a hub where members can regroup and reinvest in themselves at all stages
of their career.

The app gives women the edge with the power of filtered networking at their fingertips. Another key feature is a dedicated page keeping members ahead of the curve with a list of latest industry events.

The inspiration

behind ElevatHer is to create a community where
sharing knowledge, skills and experience is easy. In what can be a male dominated industry, it’s a breath of fresh air to connect and have another woman’s perspective. Whilst navigating up the career ladder has its own challenges, this app introduces an untapped support system waiting to be used.
Sheena Shah, Founder


We understand that personal commitments often mean you can only attend a select few networking events. ElevatHer offers its users visibility of top industry events as well as a list of attendees, to ensure you get the most out of each event.
The app brings together women of different seniority, encouraging users to build mentor-mentee or peer-to-peer relationships.
The app shares inspirational stories and spotlights on successful females to highlight ‘real models’ as opposed to the idea of a ‘role model’.
Starting a family is very exciting but this can come with new hurdles. Members can filter to connect with women who are on a similar journey, helping to build a community of working mothers.

Conecting via


Unlock opportunities by connecting with members through filters such as company size, seniority and location
Build your profile and initiate conversation
Connect with peers and potential sponsors


Look up industry events both locally and globally.
Quick and easy to register instantly.
Unleash networking skills by connecting with others that are attending.


Networking through shared interests (options vary from sports to playdates for children)
Pairing functionality brings members together, useful when cycling/running into work


See who is in the area for a quick coffee
Network on a global scale for those on the move



VP at SMBC bank
“Travelling with work means I spend evenings away from my friends and family. This app is brilliant in helping me to find friends and network with peers no matter where I am in the world”


VP at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch
“I’m a mother of three children, and through EH I am able to connect with other working mums who juggle family and career like I do at a click of a button”


CFO at Maven Securities
“EH makes it so easy for me to give back. It feels great to be able to mentor women aspiring to be in a senior position like myself”


ED at Goldman Sachs
“This app is great at keeping me informed about industry events that are coming up. What’s more is that I can see who will be attending beforehand!”

Nice words

What some of our favorite media have to say about ElevatHer *blush*
“Sheena decided to leverage her financial acumen with her passion of philanthropy to focus her efforts and impact on empowering and supporting women in finance and financial tech through the launch of ElevatHer”.
“When Sara & I met Sheena for lunch at White City House on a sunny (and freakishly hot)
February day, we were keen to find out more about what sparked the idea for ElevatHer, the first
all-female networking app for City women”.
“Through introducing female talent to an untapped support system, the goal is to help women build their career knowledge, aspirations and networks”.
“It’s not what you know, or who you know…. Its WHO knows YOU?’ That one sentence was imprinted into my cerebrum aged 20”.
“One of the aims of the apps is to forge closer links between women separated geographically, whether they’re working in the City or Canary Wharf”
"What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in your industry or what you wish to know before started your career/business?"
“Three main characteristics that kept me going; passion, preparation and grit”.
Sheena Shah, the founder of ElevatHer, joins Nadia of Harrington Starr as part of their ‘Women of FinTech’ series for a fascinating discussion. Listen to the full podcast here →
Coffee and conversation: Eyedea’s Ann Hyams and Sheena Shah of new app ElevatHer