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Uneesa, an experienced communications professional, Rizq Communications

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Uneesa is an experienced communications professional, having managed world renowned clients. She holds a specialism in financial and corporate communications, with specific experience in digital transformation having led EY's largest digital transformation in a decade. She is now runs Rizq Communications, providing strategic communications to ethical companies. Uneesa is particularly interested in ethical finance and hosts financial literacy events targeted at women of BME backgrounds, empowering them through education.

We are delighted to have you here on ElevatHer! Tell us a little about yourself

So, I’m Uneesa (Hi!) and I founded my own strategic communications agency, Rizq Communications, which looks to bring ethical brands to life through a blend of behavioural economics and storytelling. We’re particularly focused on tech and fintech but, helping to amplify the voices of ethical brands is what we’re about.

Aside from that, we host events and webinars dedicated to improving financial literacy for women of disadvantaged backgrounds. That can mean anything from guiding women in show to open a bank account to understanding the stock market. I’m passionate about emboldening women to be the best they can truly be.

Upon graduating from Exeter University, I worked in communications, helping to build strategies for global brands from EY to St John Ambulance. I’ve helped build digital campaigns and create PR transformations, and I’m excited by the prospect of how Rizq will transform the way we see ethical brands.

Having worked with, lived with and being part of the fabric of diversity, I’ve found the best way to tell our stories is by those who know it best – us.

What are some of your challenges/ experiences of glass ceiling and how did you manoeuvre your way around it?

Working in environments where you might feel there are many hurdles to overcome can, at times, feel overwhelming. I used my experiences to my strength, which allowed me to deliver award-winning work for the likes of EY, LV= and St John Ambulance.

It was through networking and conducting my own research which helped me to move into creating a space to break the mould and meet the needs of a growing sector.

What are you most excited about in the industry?

I’m excited to help bring to life the vision and awareness of some truly amazing brands. We’ve been working with companies across the globe, from fintech banks to human rights organisations to bring them something different. It’s not about selling an image; it’s about connecting with people.

What are you doing in the D&I space?

Communications hasn’t traditionally seen or heard from voices like mine – a Muslim, working class, British-Pakistani woman. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important to build our own tables and challenge those that claim to speak for us. Rizq holds events to help women understand finances, whether it’s budgeting to investing – we’re here to empower women.

How did you make sure you stood out of the crowd?

It’s important to have a USP, particularly in a saturated market. What makes us different is our philosophy in building a community through ethical means and being more than just an agency – we’re investing in society for a brighter tomorrow.

What was the most important thing that helped you land your current role?

Great question! Ultimately, self-belief and the understanding that putting yourself out there is half the battle. Sometimes it’s about claiming space that’s rightfully yours.

What advice would you offer to others interested in doing a similar role as yourself?

Network as much as possible – doors can open in the most unexpected places!

How do you make sure you have a good balance of home and work life?

Work certainly keeps me busy, but I find it’s more about utilising my energy to create my best output – whether that be in work, in the gym or perusing through a museum.

What's next for your career?

Over time, I’m committed to building Rizq out further and increasing our presence across our key markets (UK)