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Justine Zwerling, Head of Primary Markets Israel, London Stock Exchange

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Thank you so much for taking the time out for us to interview you!

Justine Zwerling, PROUD MUM, Head of Primary Markets Israel, London Stock Exchange, she supports companies with their growth journey and to raise capital on London Stock Exchange; listing on AIM, the Main Market and Fixed Income. Her career centres around entrepreneurship combined with a life purpose to develop the support structures surrounding women on their journey and neurodiversity. She founded the Jewish Women’s Business Network, part of LSEG's Women's inspired networks. Proud no 5 on the Future Leaders HERoes Yahoo 100 Women Future leaders. Co-Founder of Gulf Israel Women’s Forum, Founding Member of UAE Israel Business Council, Advisor for Safe UP, Board Director Curvalux. Volunteer for SAHI, Vibe Israel, Autism awareness and Avi Solomon, blind runner, running with vision. She is lucky mum of two lovely girls and a wonderful patient husband.

Tell us a little about you and your career journey so far?

Born in London, I was lucky to have strong female role models who were heroes, do gooder’s and fighters for diversity. My first job was in a pharmacy at age 13 stacking shelves. After moving to Israel in my mid 20’s after university I had various jobs in the media, worked in PR, non-profits, on welfare to work reform, for the UK Government supporting UK and Israel trade and investment, then to London Stock Exchange! Throughout, I’ve always continued work with non-profits and currently donate time to 4 or 5 charities.

What are some of the challenges you faced and how have you manoeuvred around them?

I’ve always struggled with confidence. When I discovered that I am dyslexic at the age of 35 my life began to change. With this new understanding I learnt to both accept myself and use my skills. Building communities of women to support each other and taking learnings from Clare Josa’s Imposter Syndrome and Joy Burnford’s My Confidence have been instrumental.

Tell us more about what you are up to now?

I work for London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) supporting Israeli companies to access capital and public markets. I also do work on Sovereign Bonds for the Israeli government. A big theme of my life is connecting ecosystems such as through LSEG’s Women Inspired Network and Jewish Women’s Business Network, as well as through the recently launched Gulf Israel Women’s Forum. I’m also a big advocate of Neurodiversity and am involved in promoting its understanding and more awareness.

How do you manage your time?

I did a time management course back in my 20’s which helps me each day. I am able to multitask – I wake early before my kids which enables me to carve out time to be with them during the work day. Then I usually work after they are in bed. After that, I turn to a nice book - not a TV! I love gardening in the rain. I go for powerwalks, fit in some yoga and pilates. And sometimes do jogging on the spot between video calls!

What is London Stock Exchange Group doing in the D&I space?

Diversity and Inclusion is a big focus. London Stock Exchange Group launched its Women Inspired Network (WIN) in London in 2016, which last year became our global Inclusion Network and now is the umbrella network for our 18 diversity networks. Through WIN and things like singing the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter in 2016, we have built global communities of women in business. So the focus on diversity, including recognising Neurodiversity, is a big part of our culture and values at LSEG