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Philip Miller, Nadia Mahgerefteh, Rupa Rughani - Solidatus

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Philip Miller

Philip Miller is Co-Founder and co-CEO of Solidatus. Philip is a Senior Architect, Analyst and Engineer with over 20 years’ experience within Financial Services specialising in high-performance computing, complex event processing and system integration. He is an acknowledged expert in real-time regulatory reporting. Philip is a member of BSI and a committee member on the ISO/TC 68/SC 09/WG 01 ‘ISO 20022 Semantic Models’ working group.

Nadia Mahgerefteh

Nadia recently graduated from UCL with a degree in computer science. During her time there, she took a year out to complete a year in industry with IBM. Soon after graduating, Nadia joined Solidatus as a full stack developer where she works with the development team to create new features for the Solidatus software.

Rupa Rughani

Being with Solidatus for nearly 3 years, Rupa currently delivers training and support to Solidatus clients using the application. Rupa is responsible for developing and maintaining all training materials for client use, continuously updating and sharing knowledge following updates to the platform. She is also in regular communication with all users of Solidatus, advising of new releases and developments, acting as technical support for those who require it.